About Samurai Social Media - Premier Facebook Ads Agency in Vancouver, Washington

Samurai Social Media is a premier digital marketing agency in Vancouver, Washington. We specialize in creating personalized advertising campaigns on Facebook for local and nationwide brands.

Our team is experienced in many industries, including e-commerce, real estate, financial services, local brands, health supplements, and more!

We are local to the Vancouver, WA and greater Portland area, and we've worked with clients all around the world. If you're local, we can meet up for some great Pacific Northwest coffee!

Samurai Social Media is built to be a nimble solution to your business' advertising campaigns on Facebook. We work with you to create the most effective campaigns possible, with the highest return for your business.

A Unique Approach to Facebook Ads

Starting with your first Facebook Advertising campaign, we look deeply into your existing Facebook data, website analytics, and audience insights. After understanding who your customers are, we then create and optimize audiences that target your ideal customer on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook and Instagram are constantly changing! It's critical that your brand is aligned with Facebook's advertising algorithm and AI updates. We keep track of the trends for you, and deploy campaigns where we are constantly split testing audiences and creatives.

If your business is wondering how to take full advantage of Facebook's advertising platform, we're here to help! Scroll down on this page to schedule a call or request a quote.


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Get an Edge on the Competition

Samurai Social Media is dedicated to integrity, clear communication, hard work, and solid results.

Our team of experts is ready to be a reliable part of your marketing team with our consultative approach. We're only happy with the best possible Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns for your business.

Transparent Reporting with Live Dashboards

Our services come with a custom-built live dashboard for tracking your results and key performance indicators. We build each dashboard custom for each of our clients. Every business is different, that's why you should have custom reporting on your side.
We take our tracking seriously. Your goals are our goals. We want to see an engaged audience that converts into customers for your business.
Samurai Social Media is dedicated to transparent reporting that will help you make the best marketing decisions in the future.

Just 3 Steps to Effective Targeting, More Traffic, Higher Conversions

Schedule a Call

Schedule a call today to take your first step toward getting great results with Facebook Ads.

Start Services

We'll build your campaigns from start to finish and complete and technical integrations you need.

Review Live Reports

Sit back and review your live dashboard to watch results in real-time.

It's More Than Just Facebook

Facebook Ads are extremely powerful. We can run your ads on the following placements, and more!

  • Facebook Feed Ads
  • Instagram Feed Ads
  • Instagram Stories Ads
  • Facebook Messenger Ads
  • Audience Network Ads (includes websites and other apps)
  • Facebook Video Feed Ads
  • Facebook & Messenger Stories

Facebook Ads Campaign Management

At Samurai Social Media, we offer superior Facebook Ads management at affordable prices for your business. We are local in Vancouver, WA, and serve clients around the world. No business is too small or too large for our team to optimize and manage your Facebook Ads campaigns. Flat-rate packages. No hidden fees.

Facebook Advertising Vancouver Washington USA
Samurai Social Media -Facebook Ads Vancouver Washington

Grow Your Business with Facebook

For many businesses, Facebook Ads are immensely valuable in getting traffic to your website and eyes on your products and services. Take advantage of the huge opportunity to grow your business using Facebook Advertising.

View Services or Packages for Local Businesses

Get the Results You Deserve

We work with clients of all sizes. Facebook Ads are used by the largest, and smallest companies looking to make an impact in the marketplace. View our services page to learn more about our packages.

Samurai Social media - Facebook Advertising Agency in Vancouver WA

Let's Get Started!

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Why Our Clients Love Us

Quality Service

We're committed to our clients' goals and success. When you win, we win.

High-Performing Ads

Ads are custom-made for your business and split-tested with different audiences.

Live Reports

We offer our clients a live reporting dashboard, free of charge, to review your results in real-time.

Flexible Packages

Our packages are designed to fit your company and industry. Can't find what you need? We'll make a custom package just for you.

Real Results

Our ads are well-placed and optimized regularly. Our results are real and will match your business goals.

Easy Communication

We're committed to replying to every email and deploying updates correctly and quickly. No more waiting for a response.

Take Your Facebook Ad Campaigns to the Next Level

Standard Packages

Nationwide businesses
International businesses
SAAS Companies

Online Courses

Hyperlocal Packages

Local businesses
Apartment complexes

Service Industry Businesses


We are available 24/7, 365 days a year! Reach out with this form and we'll get back to you shortly with a quote. We're also available to get on the phone with you to discuss your advertising goals. Fill out this form to request a quote or click here to book a call.

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