How to Market Your Product on Facebook Without Using Ads

You used to be able to get insane results by just making an organic post on Facebook about a new product launch or sale. Now, that’s completely gone.

Facebook has pushed its ads product by limiting the reach of organic posts from companies. Even if you have a company marked as “See First” you might not even see them on your feed! Facebook noticed people weren’t spending as much time on the app because of the sheer amount of organic promotions out there.

Then Facebook implemented AI changes to limit the reach of organic posts that have a link to a store or are talking about a product. Since about 2016, organic posting on Facebook has essentially been pointless.

But don’t worry, there are still good options to have a good organic reach for your product or service.

Build a Community with Facebook Groups

Groups are a feature that Facebook has put a great deal of effort into making better. You’ll notice many companies now are building a fan base in a centralized location within a Facebook group.

Start by making a Facebook group for your business (example). Post the best organic content you can come up with inside the group.

You have room to be less formal when addressing this group of VIPs. People will feel like a part of your inner circle. So treat them as such. These are your best customers and ambassadors!

Have a batch of customer email addresses? Invite them to the group with a personalized email from your own inbox! You’ll have a fan for life.

Looking for tools to run your email marketing? Check out our Marketing Resources page.

Instagram Feed & Stories

Instagram is still a great place for organic content. It’s probably the best for product-based marketing content right now.

When curating your feed, do just that, CURATE! Don’t just post everything. Your page should have a theme of some sort. And this theme should be recognizable as your brand and your message.

With Instagram Stories, you can be a bit more flexible in your content. Short product videos, testimonials, and goofy content can work very well. The stories will disappear after a day, but you can always repost them later. You’re likely to get a lot more eyeballs on your business this way!

Using TikTok for Marketing

If you can handle TikTok, do it! And no, you don’t have to start dancing.

There are many marketers I follow on TikTok, essentially they’re making short, one-off videos about marketing tips and tricks, or explaining complex principles to the general public.

It’s a great place to reach a younger audience too. Most of the people on TikTok are still in high school and college. So you have an opportunity to reach a critical market that’s hard to reach elsewhere.

Treat your Facebook Page like a Business Card

Don’t give up on having a good looking and professional Facebook page. Samurai Social Media has one. I don’t expect much engagement, ever. But it’s a good thing to have for SEO and general credibility.

People still search for businesses on Facebook, and that data goes out to many aggregators that can refer backlinks to your business.

Use Facebook Messenger and Chatbots

Some customers will reach out to you directly on Facebook Messenger. As far as I can tell, this is a great sign!

Be sure to always write them back with extra care and consideration. If they’re contacting you directly, they want to talk to someone about their purchase. If you make that experience valuable, you’ve got a very happy customer!

Facebook Ads are Still the Best Paid Media Option

Facebook’s revenue keeps going up (check their quarterly reports). This means their advertising product is still working. And I can tell you as someone who’s in there every day, that I can still get very good results for my clients.

The bad news is, Facebook Ads Manager has become increasingly complicated for the average user. My agency solves this problem for businesses by acting as a dedicated manager for your ads.

Make sure you’re still using the Facebook Pixel properly on your website and running retargeting ads. At the very least, you’ll break even. Usually, you’ll make some decent money.