How We Price our Advertising Management Packages

We’re committed to a flat-rate pricing model. All our packages come with one price that is actually what you’ll see on the invoice. No hidden fees ever.

Different agencies all have pricing models that work for them. At Samurai Social Media, we prioritize the actual service that you’re getting, rather than the time it takes to manage that service. We know the natural ebb and flow of marketing projects, and our packages will always deliver the services outlined in the contract.

View Our 2020 Pricing Sheet

Click below to download our updated 2020 Pricing Sheet. Our prices rarely change, and we’re open to designing a custom plan for your organization.

Our pricing sheet contains information about our:

  • Facebook Ads Management Suite
  • Google Ads Management Suite
  • Hyperlocal Facebook Ads Suite
  • Hyperlocal Google Ads Suite

Getting Started

It’s easy to get started with one of our packages. The process generally looks like this:

  • Initial discovery call where we answer your questions and discuss strategy
  • We’ll send a follow-up email with the information we discussed, as well as a contract that you can sign from your phone. You’ll receive the first invoice and setup will begin immediately upon payment.
  • We then initiate the setup phase for your account, gathering assets, doing any preliminary research, and making sure your technology on your website is properly set up. This typically takes 3-5 days.
  • Once we’re ready to push the button to start your first campaign, we’ll have you approve the first round of ads and we’ll go live.

You’ll be able to review your results with your own live dashboard at any time. And we’ll always be available to discuss your campaign via a phone call or through email.