We offer two primary packages for our clients, the Facebook Ads Suite, and the Google Ads Suite. The packages are designed to take the place of an employee in your organization. We launch your campaigns, optimize them, and report results back to you.

If you have any questions, we are always happy to answer them on a consultation call. Scroll down on this page to schedule your consultation call.

Facebook Ads Suite

  • Deployment and management of Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns
  • Ad split testing of creative and audiences
  • Creative optimization like basic photo editing and cutting videos
  • Budget management and recommendations
  • Facebook audience setup and management
  • Lookalike audience creation
  • Facebook Business Manager, Ads Manager, Facebook Pixel, and Google Analytics setup and configuration
  • Custom weekly reports and reporting dashboard based on your KPIs

Google Ads Suite

  • Deployment and management of Google Ads campaigns (Including, Google Search, Google Display Network, YouTube, and any other service within ads.google.com)
  • Ad split testing creative and audiences
  • Creative optimization
  • Budget management and recommendations
  • Retargeting audience management
  • Google Analytics goals setup and management
  • Custom weekly reports and reporting dashboard based on your KPIs


Add-on Services

Our packages are flexible. Add on the following services to your package for a discounted management fee:

  • Pinterest Ads
  • Snapchat Ads
  • Linkedin Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Reddit Ads
  • Quora Ads

Getting Started

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make the ads?

Yes! We work with your team to generate new ideas and provide guidance for collateral. We’ll work with whatever images, videos, and copy you have.

How does pricing work?

We charge flat management fees and do not take a portion of your ad spend.

A lot of agencies take a portion of your ad spend. And that’s messed up. We want to be able to recommend an advertising budget increase to you when the time is right, and we don’t take a cut.

How much do you recommend I spend on ad spend?

We recommend at least spending the equivalent of your management fees in ad spend. If you pay us $1, pay Facebook/Google $1+.

One of my contractors/team members messed up our ads and they aren’t working. Can you fix that?

Yes! The above packages are considered consulting packages, which means we work within your Facebook Business Manager or Google Ads account. Everything is completely transparent. You can dig into our work and keep it forever.

How do your contracts work?

Our contracts start off with 60 days, then are on a rolling 30-day basis with a 30-day cancellation clause.

We start with 60 days because that’s enough time to see campaigns improve, learn about your audience, and get into the groove!

Do you charge a setup fee?

Nope! We want you to get the most for your money.

  • Invoice #1: Upon signing
  • Invoice #2: 30 days after ads are deployed
  • Invoice #3: 30 days after invoice 2
  • Invoice #4: 30 days after invoice 3
  • etc.

How do I know what’s going on with my campaigns?

We send you a pretty report with stats every month! You’ll also have access to a live dashboard where you can peek into the campaigns at any time.

Samurai Social Media Reporting Dashboards

Where are you located?

We are in Vancouver, Washington, USA. Available via Zoom call from anywhere in the world.

Do you do web design, branding, graphic design, organic social, HVAC repair, etc?

Not yet! Just ads. We do have a good network of other contractors in our back pocket if you ever need us to make a connection.

How do we get started?

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