The Best Time To Send Email Newsletters

Timing is huge when it comes to doing email marketing campaigns. You shouldn’t be wasting your time building a campaign, only to send it at the wrong time and get way fewer clicks than you expected!

What’s great about many email marketing platforms, is that they will help you determine this data for your own business. You’ll be able to look at CTR data for various times, and schedule your emails accordingly.

Think about when you check your own email, and when you go through promotional emails that have landed in your inbox. Many professionals check their email first thing in the morning. Some people may check their inbox only a few times a week. It’s your job to capitalize on when your ideal customer is looking at their email and considering taking advantage of your offer.

Wordstream did research on the best times to send emails, and they discovered that sending email campaigns on Thursday morning before 10:30 a.m. yielded at 25% click-thru rate. While sending emails on Tuesdays at the same time yielded only 5%.

That’s a huge difference! It is likely because people are busier at the beginning of the week, and work tapers off towards the end of the week. A great example would be to send an email for a weekend sale on a Thursday and review your metrics.

Optinmonster also conducted their own research, and also came to the conclusion that Thursdays are the best for promotional emails. For pure engagement, Wednesdays are also great. So if you have fresh content coming out, let your audience know about it on Wednesdays.

If your email strategy involves daily emails, you could use a schedule like this:

Monday – Promote general content outside of your main objective

Tuesday – Tease your upcoming sale or promotion

Wednesday – Announce your sale or promotion with a call to action

Thursday – Send interactive content like case studies or videos about your promotion

Friday – Focus on reviewing the week. This is a great time to send a “here’s what you missed” email

Every audience is different, so pay attention to your own metrics! Your customers will be reviewing their emails at different times throughout the day. When you have a better understanding of your customers’ email habits, then use your own intuition to plan your email marketing to suit their schedules.

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